Monday, 28 October 2013

Sport and Social Movements: From the Local to the Global

The SSTO's Senior Professor John Horne has completed a new book entitled 'Sport and Social Movements: From the Local to the Global.'

Written in collaboration with a team of four other multinational authors, this is the first book-length treatment of the way social movements have intersected and continue to intersect with sport.

It traces the history of various social movements associated with labour, women, peace, the environment and rights (civil, racial, disability and sexual), and their relationship to sport and sports mega-events.

Based on research that draws on theories of social movements and new social movements, the book includes a valuable chronology of social movements, illustrations of key episodes in the development of the relationships between sport and different social movements and an agenda for future research and scholarship.

Written in a clear and comprehensive style it is suitable for all levels of higher education, researchers and the general reader who want to know more about the role that sport has played in the development of social movements and campaigns for social justice.

The book is set for release on 21 November and is available to pre-order here.

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