Friday, 17 January 2014

SSTO Professor chairs first Zinc-Net meeting

Professor Nicola Lowe (2nd from right) with Zinc-Net group
The SSTO's Professor Nicola Lowe has chaired her first Zinc-Net group in Istanbul, Turkey. Zinc-Net, the 'Network for zinc in Biology', received £500,000 from the European Commission to fund research over the next four years into the role of zinc in human biochemistry and physiology.

The network has scientists from 20 different European countries including Spain, Italy, Germany and Hungary. The meeting was the first of the 'Core Group' which is the steering committee for the network.

Dr Lowe said: "We had a productive day, the aim of which was to come up with our short, medium and long term goals for the network, and an action plan of how we are going to achieve them. This will form the basis of the network manifesto I now have to write.

"It was an intense day of discussion and debate, but I was impressed with the commitment and energy the members brought to the meeting."

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