Wednesday, 10 December 2014

SSTO staff celebrate Doctorate awards

Daniel, Marisol & Carley
A trio of SSTO staff joined over 1,500 students at last week's Winter Graduation Ceremony to celebrate their new Doctorate status.

UCLan SENS' Dr Marisol Warthon-Medina, along with Dr Daniel Wright and Dr Carley Sutton from UCLan Tourism, collected their awards in front of family and friends at Preston Guild Hall.

Dr Warthon-Medina commented: "Completing my doctorate and the recent graduation gave me immense satisfaction.

"It was a privilege to be presented by Head of School Dr Adrian Ibbetson, and to receive congratulations from UCLan Vice-Chancellor Professor Gerry Kelleher.

"My special gratitude goes to my main supervisor, Professor Nicola Lowe, for her priceless guidance; her support was immense. I'd also like to thank Dr Victoria Moran, Dr Steph Dillon, all of my colleagues at iINSAFSs, MAINN and SENS, and to my family in Peru and Italy who all supported me through my journey.

"In the coming weeks and months I aim to complete several papers I've been working on, and to move my research ideas forward. This would not have been possible without my doctorate and what I learnt during this journey."

Dr Wright said his studies had been a challenging journey, but one he hoped would prove fruitful for his future career. He also wished to thank everyone who assisted him.

Dr Sutton added: "I've had an amazing PhD journey and celebrating with my family and supporters at the graduation ceremony was a truly memorable experience.

"I certainly would like to thank everyone who was involved - in particular my Director of Studies, Professor Richard Sharpley, who has been the most inspiring and supportive throughout.

"My PhD research will continue to enrich my teaching and learning and my journey continues as I plan to publish a book in 2015 - dedicated to Service Quality Management in Leisure, Events, Tourism & Sport."

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